Scott M

It had been about 8 years since my last cleaning (sorry mom), and it was time to take my 5 yo to the dentist for the first time before she started kindergarten. I had planned to simply go and let my little one experience things and ask questions. My Exam and cleaning was through quick and friendly! We were so well taken care of by the staff and Dr. Francis Tan that my daughter didn't bat an eye when he asked her to show him how she brushes at home. 15 min latter he had completed a full exam, and even a floride treatment for her! with a goody bag in hand she hasn't stopped asking when we can go back and see them again! See you in 6 months!!

Nannete L

I've never felt more comfortable at the dentist! Thank you for being so considerate and down to earth!

Julia S

Smiles on Cass is a great place to come in for your dental needs! The staff is very nice and helpful with making good decisions for the health of your teeth, I had a lot I wanted to get done with my teeth in a short period of time and they were able to make it work! I am very satisfied with the results of my teeth thanks to the great staff :) Smiles on Cass is a friendly, welcoming, and caring office! Can't wait to go back for my next cleaning!

Vikki D

If going to the dentist can ever be considered pleasant, that is exactly how my experience with Smiles on Cass was. The office is very clean and neat. The staff is incredibly friendly.They take the time to explain everything to you. Highly recommended!

Sandra G

I finally have found a great Dentist who is very kind, treats patients with respect, sincerity, takes time to explain the procedure, provides excellent service !!! Dr. Francis took a great care of me, fixed my problem within a few minutes by providing the best solution to the case I had. I came with toothache to his office and left out with the smile on my face !!!! The office is very neat, clean, and located just a few minutes from my house!!! Thank you Dr. Francis for your care for patients!!!!

Shira D

I never thought I would be so satisfied with a dentist in my life. I have had very bad experiences in the past, but Smiles on Cass changed everything. They are very respectful, polite, clean, and if I keep on going I will not finish. They attended my 2 sons and me. They did a wonderful job, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! The gave peace of mind. Other thing I loved was the way they treated my youngest son, who has autism and usually doesn't let anyone touch him. The doctor was patient and gained his trust. My son was so happy that at home he wanted me to play dentist with him. My oldest son had a great job done as well as myself. I felt secure, and have the confidence that they are really experts with what they do. Both doctors are great! I recommend. If you are looking for a place that is totally professional, with excellent people, an excellent assistant (who by the way speaks Spanish that's an A++++), is AMAZING with kids, etc, but first of all will do the best to serve you, this place is priceless. So come and visit Smiles on Cass. I can assure you, you will have everything in one package! Just great!

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